[CQ-Contest] Real Time Scoring and Quick Submissions

Pierre Fogal pierre.fogal at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 20:54:06 EST 2016

A K3?  I wish!  Just a TS-480, although we do have a bench now :-)

Pierre VE3KTB, chief wire stringer-upper at VY0ERC located at 80N

>I like reading all contesting stories, good, bad, LP, HP and especially the
>QRP guy.

>The ones that impress me the LEAST are the ones from a $500k station who
>decimated his competition.

>The ones that impress me the MOST are the ones of a guy going into the
>(or anywhere), stringing up some wires, verticals (whatever) and
>won their category with a K3 balanced on a rock, inside an igloo, whatever
>(you get my gist)

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