[CQ-Contest] Real Time Scoring and Quick Submissions

john at kk9a.com john at kk9a.com
Mon Nov 14 07:35:38 EST 2016

I will second the nomination.  Kelly's posts are always well written and

Let's not make entering a contest more complicated. FWIW, I had no
internet service at the Aruba home where I contested from for a decade.

John KK9A

To:	Kelly Taylor <ve4xt at mymts.net>, Kevan Nason <knason00 at gmail.com>
Subject:	Re: [CQ-Contest] Real Time Scoring and Quick Submissions
From:	Radio K0HB <kzerohb at gmail.com>
Date:	Sun, 13 Nov 2016 19:20:07 +0000

I nominate Kelly Taylor, VE4XT, for the "2016 Nobel Prize in Common Sense".

73, HB

On Fri, Nov 11, 2016 at 11:30 Kelly Taylor <ve4xt at mymts.net> wrote:

> > If you go to a place that doesn’t have the
> > net you aren’t likely to be using a competitive station and won’t have a
> > shot at beating your chest in triumph anyway.
> I call BS on this one. Sorry.
> Heard Island is going to rock a contest, simply by virtue of its rarity.
> A cottage station in VE4 can rock SS, simply by virtue of Manitoba’s
> relative rarity.
> Just because you don’t have Internet doesn’t mean you don’t have access to
> concrete or can only put up wires.
> At least one winner of ARRL DX last year was a Field-Day style station,
> set up on a cliff facing the U.S.
> Some of these stories are some of the greatest stories we have. That
> so-and-so won with more than a thousand feet of tower, 200 total elements
> and more Alpha than Alpha Centauri isn’t a great story. A victory is almost
> expected at that point.
> You can’t assume everyone operates with the same infrastructure you do,
> and you can’t assume those who don’t are automatically inferior.
> Real-time scoring would be a great contest-within-a-contest. It would help
> attract new contesters and push the boundaries of contest reporting. But
> making it mandatory would drive away a large part of your existing
> customers. More so, I’d argue, than it would attract.
> 73, kelly, ve4xt,

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