[CQ-Contest] Sweepstakes pointers

Bill Mader billamader at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 09:14:42 EST 2016

Sadly, the MRRC Sweepstakes Handbook does not appear in a quick Google
search, although there are several references to it.  I have a copy, and
noted it is very well done.  Some of it is more applicable to the MI and OH
folks, but most of it applies to us all.  I wish I had it when I lived in MI
the second time!  Catch me before the contest and I'll send you a copy.

K3TN's PVRC "handbook" is pretty good, just not as extensive, and its
focused on CW:  http://www.pvrc.org/Files/ARRL%20Sweepstakes.pdf.  It's too
late to re-design one's station, but perhaps a few details are possible to
change to help make the event more fun (more contacts and multipliers).  In
our case, we need to become familiar with our new and temporary

Don't get too anxious.  We'll also provide MAR at VY2TT using the call
KS5Z/VY2 (no competition here).  We're looking forward to a fun weekend!  

73, Bill, K8TE, also, KS5Z, Terry,  and brother Greg, KB7KYK

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VY1AAA sure relieves a lot of anxiety. Thanks.  

With respect to the PVRC  SS primer, 80/75 are definitely NOT the "money
bands" for us left coasters...


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