[CQ-Contest] Why I like contesting more and DXing less

Tom Osborne w7why1 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 21:14:46 EST 2016

DX'ing used to be fun when it took a little work to get the DX station.

I can remember having to check propagation, figure which band they may be
on, LP or SP, where they listening, etc.  They had the DX Bulletins you had
to subscribe to to get the latest info on the DX'peditionn to try and
figure where they will be at a certain time.  That was fun.

Now it's:
1.  Go to the shack
2.  Boot up the computer
3.  Go to DX Summit
4.  Type in the call.

It comes up, tells  you what band the station is on, what the split is,
where they are listening.  Point and Click and you are there.

Kinda of like playing a video game.

On Fri, Nov 18, 2016 at 1:45 PM, Mike Smith VE9AA <ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca> wrote:

> The last few weeks I have discovered more and more why I like Contesting
> more and DXing less. (you'd think I would've realized this years ago; maybe
> I am just a slow learner)...the reasons below are honestly not written in a
> sarcastic tone, though some of them look like they were. I give you my word
> I believe these are SOME reasons why I truly like contesting so much. (I
> still like the odd casual QSO and so nothing below applies to that)
> ⦁        I don't have to sit on a frequency and work split and call for 5
> minutes (or 5 hours!) to work a single station
> ⦁        I don't have someone else (or a group of someone elses) telling
> me "UP"..."LID"..."EU" …(or like happened the other day and totally blew my
> mind 'VE9AA QRS QRS AA QRS" (I still can't get over that one...needless to
> say, I did not, and was still able to work the DX just fine thank you very
> much) (this was sent to me more than a dozen times on 80m CW and I don't
> know if the QRMer was just pi$$ed off he couldn't make the rare DX - Q or
> what, but I was instantly targeted. Funny. Most callers were sending
> 24-28wpm, the DX was maybe sending 29-30wpm and I was sending at my usual
> blazing speed of 32-33wpm. I tend to understand most things that happen on
> the air, but this one still has me scratching my head, quite honestly.)
> ⦁        Carriers, farts and burps are rare in contests (unless you're on
> 80m phone above 3800kHz maybe)
> ⦁        I have defined periods of the start and finish of my fun, so I
> don't need to watch the packetcluster (or tune my radio) to know when or if
> my fun will begin.(or end)
> ⦁        I am nearly always greeted with computer sent CW or very good
> fists , many strong signals and pretty good SSB (*some exceptions to the
> SSB rule)
> ⦁        Whether I am weak (or loud) there is nearly always someone to
> work on a certain band and they usually want to work me too regardless of
> signal strength
> ⦁        Lastly (for the moment)....
> ⦁        Most of the other people in this conetst "fun" are like minded
> individuals in that they want to make a clean efficient contact. (I get
> that all folks contest for different reasons)
> ⦁        OK, I have more, but I'd like you fellas to add some too.
> dit dit
> Mike VE9AA
> Mike, Coreen & Corey
> Keswick Ridge, NB
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