[CQ-Contest] Why I like contesting more and DXing less

Kyle Chavis wa4pgm at embarqmail.com
Fri Nov 18 22:17:34 EST 2016

Simple no video no game turn the "Big Knob".
73 Kyle

On 11/18/2016 9:14 PM, Tom Osborne wrote:
> DX'ing used to be fun when it took a little work to get the DX station.
> I can remember having to check propagation, figure which band they may be
> on, LP or SP, where they listening, etc.  They had the DX Bulletins you had
> to subscribe to to get the latest info on the DX'peditionn to try and
> figure where they will be at a certain time.  That was fun.
> Now it's:
> 1.  Go to the shack
> 2.  Boot up the computer
> 3.  Go to DX Summit
> 4.  Type in the call.
> It comes up, tells  you what band the station is on, what the split is,
> where they are listening.  Point and Click and you are there.
> Kinda of like playing a video game.
> 73
> Tom W7WHY
> On Fri, Nov 18, 2016 at 1:45 PM, Mike Smith VE9AA <ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca> wrote:
>> The last few weeks I have discovered more and more why I like Contesting
>> more and DXing less. (you'd think I would've realized this years ago; maybe
>> I am just a slow learner)...the reasons below are honestly not written in a
>> sarcastic tone, though some of them look like they were. I give you my word
>> I believe these are SOME reasons why I truly like contesting so much. (I
>> still like the odd casual QSO and so nothing below applies to that)
>> ⦁        I don't have to sit on a frequency and work split and call for 5
>> minutes (or 5 hours!) to work a single station
>> ⦁        I don't have someone else (or a group of someone elses) telling
>> me "UP"..."LID"..."EU" …(or like happened the other day and totally blew my
>> mind 'VE9AA QRS QRS AA QRS" (I still can't get over that one...needless to
>> say, I did not, and was still able to work the DX just fine thank you very
>> much) (this was sent to me more than a dozen times on 80m CW and I don't
>> know if the QRMer was just pi$$ed off he couldn't make the rare DX - Q or
>> what, but I was instantly targeted. Funny. Most callers were sending
>> 24-28wpm, the DX was maybe sending 29-30wpm and I was sending at my usual
>> blazing speed of 32-33wpm. I tend to understand most things that happen on
>> the air, but this one still has me scratching my head, quite honestly.)
>> ⦁        Carriers, farts and burps are rare in contests (unless you're on
>> 80m phone above 3800kHz maybe)
>> ⦁        I have defined periods of the start and finish of my fun, so I
>> don't need to watch the packetcluster (or tune my radio) to know when or if
>> my fun will begin.(or end)
>> ⦁        I am nearly always greeted with computer sent CW or very good
>> fists , many strong signals and pretty good SSB (*some exceptions to the
>> SSB rule)
>> ⦁        Whether I am weak (or loud) there is nearly always someone to
>> work on a certain band and they usually want to work me too regardless of
>> signal strength
>> ⦁        Lastly (for the moment)....
>> ⦁        Most of the other people in this conetst "fun" are like minded
>> individuals in that they want to make a clean efficient contact. (I get
>> that all folks contest for different reasons)
>> ⦁        OK, I have more, but I'd like you fellas to add some too.
>> dit dit
>> Mike VE9AA
>> Mike, Coreen & Corey
>> Keswick Ridge, NB
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