[CQ-Contest] Zone 26 HS Plans for CQWW CW

David Siddall hhamwv at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 08:41:43 EST 2016

This just received from Fred, HS0ZAR (K3ZO).  73 & GL to all,  Dave K3ZJ

Now I am looking forward to our upcountry operation in the CQWW CW.  My
operating partners HS0ZDX (G4UAV), HS0ZDY (SM3DYU), HS0ZGD (LA7JO)[our
host] and YU7EF have been working up there for a couple of weeks already
along with a Thai HS4 antenna crew.  Antenna expert YU7EF reports that the
new 2-el 40 meter quad is working even better than the modeling predicted
and in a direct comparison with our existing 40 meter array, it blew the
old array completely away.  So I am looking forward to working you guys
0930-1300 GMT on 40, your grey line path to the Southwest, both days.  If
you beam SE between 2130-2330 GMT, that should also work.  We will be using
my Thai call HS0ZAR, probably as multi-two although that hasn't been
completely nailed down yet.  In addition to the above calls we will be
joined by DL3DXX and E21EIC, and perhaps a couple of 9M2's as well.

However we will not be the only station in Thailand radiating a lot of RF
during the contest.  HS0ZIA will reportedly be operating as MS with a
full-size 80 meter Yagi 3/4 wave high, four-over-four 3-el Yagis stacked on
40 as well as some big stuff on the higher bands.

E2X is another MS group that will be active, K0BJ will be operating with
them.  They have directional Yagis, reportedly by OptiBeam, on all bands 80
through 10.

RAST club station HS0AC also has a 3-el 40 meter Yagi and will be put
through its paces by RAST President HS1FVL, HS5NMF and others.

So it should be possible to put Thailand and Zone 26 in your logs on one or
another band this weekend unless conditions are as lousy for East-West
propagation as they were during the SSB weekend.

73, Fred, K3ZO

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