[CQ-Contest] Packet killed single Op Add Super Check

W0MU Mike Fatchett w0mu at w0mu.com
Mon Nov 28 11:10:05 EST 2016

Same issue this weekend.  If I ran across a spot that had *new* by it I 
just laughed and went on to the next one.  I have a love hate 
relationship with packet.

I think I found VQ9 before the masses got to him and a couple of others 
where I just happened to be there just before the skies opened.

I have also noticed that many many people do not listen or  the dx comes 
back to W0 and KF#AA calls and calls and calls and calls.  Some very 
good ops seem to think they are owed contacts and just keep sending 
away.  I am sure this is nothing new.

I was amazed that at least on the low bands the East Coast guys actually 
gave me a break while the DX and I struggled to get my callsign across 
the pond.

My new pet peeve is Super check....Ie super guessing.  I was called W1MU 
and W9MU, W0MS, etc...you call there is a pause while they think about 
what the screen says and they come back.

SO2R.....uggg so many times I had to wait a number of seconds for the 
confirmation even in this contest.  I guess I could be a turd and just 
move along and delete the contact.  I guess that would prove my time is 
just as valuable as theirs.  Unfortunately most of these guys I needed 
for band/zone mults :(


On 11/28/2016 8:19 AM, Art Boyars wrote:
> I've complained here repeatedly (ad nauseam, you might say) about how
> "assisted" has changed single op.  This year in SS, both CW and SSB, I
> experienced it clearly.  Several times I would find a nice juicy multiplier
> early in his operation, and I'd jump into the pile with my little signal.
> If I got beaten more than twice, it was all over. The "spot" would go out,
> all the HP point-and-clickers would jump in, and the pileup would become
> unmanageable. (A couple of times the rare mult CQer did hang in long enough
> for me to come back 20 or 30 minutes later and make a QSO.)
> The same effect happens with "new" non-mult QSOs, but I guess I don't
> notice so much when I get packet-ed out of my umpteenth OH or SCV as when I
> miss the NL or SB or EWA that I found giving out number 4.
> Now, maybe you find "assisted" more fun than classic single op. That's OK,
> and having that category reported in the Results is OK, too.  But PLEASE
> don't think that the two categories should be merged.  I do not know what
> special skills are needed for "assisted", but they sure are nothing like
> the skills I developed for single op, especially Little Pistol.  (Having
> the loudest signal in the pileup may be a worthy achievement, but I would
> not call it an operating skill.)
> 73, Art K3KU
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