[CQ-Contest] Invitation to WAG Worked All Germany 2016

Christian Schneider prickler.schneider at t-online.de
Sat Oct 1 10:38:27 EDT 2016

Dear fellow contesters,

we are happy to invite you to the 56th edition of Worked All Germany 
Contest (WAG) on 15./16. October (1500-1459 UTC).

With more than 2000 active German stations on the bands from 80-10m 
activity should "only" be limited by your local condx. Go for 2, 12 or 
all 24 hours - you will always find radio fun. We recommend to also log 
in to an online-scoreboard like
to have some more competetive fun even if you cannot afford to go the 
full distance.

"What's about WAG" intros either with a quick tour in ten slides or with 
a 17 minutes webinar (tnx WWROF) are available on top of our website
It should also have all additional informations about rules, results & 
records as well as about the important DOKs & districts, logging and 
chances for award hunters.

Important note: WAG rules define (not recommend) contestfree segments to 
allow good coexistence with the simultaneous worldwide "Jamboree on the 
Air" (JOTA) of scouts. See what your logger can do to keep you on the 
right lane to not lose points or earn penalties:
Thanks to a small program by Peter, DF1LX, there is now also an add-on 
for N1MM+ with a warning function.

For all remaining questions please contact wag-info at dxhf.darc.de

In the hours prior to the contest (1200 to 1430 UTC) DARC will stage its 
Training Contest on 40/80m for Rookies of all ages in moderate and 
friendly speed

Please spread this invitation to fellow hams.
And now: Good luck and enjoy your activity in WAG 2016!

Cu & 73, Chris DL8MBS
WAG Contestmanager

twitter: @WAG_e or reading https://twitter.com/WAG_e
Only recently started Facebook page 

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