[CQ-Contest] RDXC Entry Reclassified to High Power

Ranko Boca 4o3a at t-com.me
Sat Oct 1 16:56:25 EDT 2016

>From RDXC 2016 we all expected much, and get nothing :-(
In EU5 region we have also reclassification of LZ8E from LP to HP? He is a
serious qyalifier for WRTC.
Q to comittee:
1.Why do you reclassify him, not another top LP station with almost
simillar score?
2.What is grounding for reclasifying? We all would like to know just a

If he claim LP, should'nt he be DQed? Is it fair against fair-play
Nothing against Bojan personally.
We just need a bit of feedback from RDXC guys.


On 1 Oct 2016 19:40, "W0MU Mike Fatchett" <w0mu at w0mu.com> wrote:

> Obvious conflict of interest regardless.  RA3AUU has no place discussing
> this matter with anyone.
> It would appear that he does not like a LP score to beat his HP station
> score.  Was he the OP?
> The stench of cheating and impropriety in contesting continue to get
> stronger especially from this sector of the world.
> RA3AUU/P33W and the RDXC You owe the contest community hard facts and
> proof.
> On 10/1/2016 8:23 AM, Bob Henderson wrote:
>> W0MU Mike Fatchett wrote:
>> Wait........are you saying the person that is deciding this matter is the
>> owner of the station you beat (P33W) or is heavily involved with this
>> contest and how it is run?
>> W0MU
>> I did not beat P33W.  I entered SOAB Mixed LP whereas P33W entered
>> SOAB Mixed HP. RA3AUU told me he is responsible for deciding this
>> matter jointly with other directors.  All communication with me on
>> behalf of the RDXC adjudication team has been via RA3AUU.  He
>> described his role as one of the contest directors.  He did not make
>> clear how many directors there are.
>> He is the owner of P33W the station with whom my signals were compared
>> in the graphs he supplied.
>> Having summarily dismissed the findings of my time coincident analysis
>> he told me signal comparisons had been made with other stations and
>> these convinced the adjudicators I had run high power for "10 minutes
>> here and there on 80/40m."  I invited him to share the specific data
>> but he declined.
>> Bob, 5B4AGN
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