[CQ-Contest] Log what was sent

Christian Schneider prickler.schneider at t-online.de
Tue Oct 4 00:23:50 EDT 2016

Am 04.10.2016 um 01:24 schrieb Kelly Taylor:
> It’s not usually that hard to get a contest Q out of someone, easier on SSB than CW, but…
> Where are you located? or Am I the first person you worked in the contest? takes little time and gets you what you need for your log. The guy goes away happy and you haven’t earned the wrath of another non-contester.
You can wish for and will get the answer from some, but reality shows 
that it does not work for many. And many casuals do not care a dime 
about your desire. And what is with simultaneous contests when the 
logging program doesn't allow to easily hand out two different reports? 
SDR recordings reveal hillarious "discussions" to no avail...

Of course you are entitled to decide by yourself "I don't log him", and 
I imagine how ops from the Black Hole easily delete such a QSO with 
their one and only VU station on that band...

If one starts to argue that "incorrect" sent exchanges constitute an 
invalid QSO - you do not know from every exchange that it is incorrect. 
The received 68 may mean his 68th QSO as well as that he sends the 68 to 
all stations. You will not call this elusive multiplier anymore in the 
pileup, when you notice that he sends 68 on and on in the QSOs with your 
other competitors? You will not call a running station on 80m sending 
zone 17 when your software tells it is zone 16, will you?

One can hope to get all fixed and done on the band as wished, but as 
long as humans are involved you will not get things as smooth and 
schematic as wished.
73 Chris DL8MBS

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