[CQ-Contest] Rules Question M2 CQ WW

W0MU Mike Fatchett w0mu at w0mu.com
Sat Oct 8 11:40:28 EDT 2016

I would like some clarification on the Multi 2 transmitter rule.

 From the CQ WW Rules Website:

*2. Two Transmitters (MULTI-TWO):* A maximum of two transmitted signals 
on two different bands may be used at any time.

The log must indicate which transmitter made each QSO.

Each transmitter may make a maximum of 8 band changes in any clock hour 
(00 through 59 minutes).

Total output power must not exceed *1500 watts* on any band at any time.

Line one says Two transmitters.  Does this really mean just two 
transmitters per the contest period?  Rig 1 and Rig 2 and you can have 
as many receivers as you want and operators but all contacts need to be 
made using rig 1 and rig 2?


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