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See General Rules IX - 7 for the rule that disallows alternating CQ's.


On 10/10/2016 6:22 PM, Jeff Clarke wrote:
> Pretty much all of the top scoring stations in both M/S and M2X categories have multiple stations per band. Have you ever wondered why some M/S entries might have 10 to 15 operators? That's why. One station runs on a specific band, depending if you are M/S or M2X and the others tuning for new stations to work. The important thing you have to remember is if you have more than one station on the same band you can only transmit one signal per band, plus only one of them can call CQ. No dualing CQ's on different frequencies is allowed.
> It's very complicated to do this. You need good lockouts, remote receive antennas plus good bandpass filters. The people who are good at engineering this type of setup have specialized narrow bandpass filters.
> We have done this several times in the past from PJ4A operations in CQWW CW. The only reason we could do it was because we have receive antennas that were a good distance away ( the outer edge of the circle) from our transmit antenna. It works pretty well and you can be competitive. We haven't had enough operators the last several years, so we have been doing the contest more for fun than to really win.
> One problem we have at PJ4A is because we are one of only two stations in the contest from Bonaire we have constant pileups during the contest , so it's tough to stop to make contacts on the 2nd in band radio. You really have to have the type of operator who is a team player. Not one who is going to get mad because you are locking them out when they are trying to work a pileup of stations calling them. Kudos to P33W and others who have figured out how to do this effectively.
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