[CQ-Contest] modest proposal ...up to 200w

Jeff Clarke ku8e at bellsouth.net
Tue Oct 11 09:33:39 EDT 2016

How about a compromise? The difference between 100 and 200 watts isn't much.. but between 100 and 500 watts there is a big difference. There are lots of 500 watt amplifiers in the market now, for example the Elecraft KPA500 and the ones made by Acom and Ameritron. People like them because many of these amps are small and solid state. There's a pretty big difference between running 500 watts and the full legal limit. How about a medium power class category?

I've been doing LP in contests for years. But with the decline in conditions I have been running my KPA500 more so I can have some fun. It would be nice that I didn't have to compete against stations running two or three times more power than I'm running.


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