[CQ-Contest] W2PV 10kW Not True!!

Barry Merrill w5gn at mxg.com
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You may be thinking of W3PHL Fred, who ran 14KW publically 
with his "Advanced Modulation", Double Side Band with one side band 
inverted 180 degrees so the average DC power was ZERO, 
until the FCC changed their rules, he claimed, when he hosted a
club meeting, standing in his power amplifier ROOM, with all the
the components laid out and soldered on either size of the
8-foot wide room on 20 foot long boards.  


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"I remember QSL card from W2PV with the stamp on it 10 kW. We were allowed
only 200 W that time."

As an operator at, and neighbor of W2PV I can assure everyone that ALL
W2PV's amps were Alpha 76CA or Alpha 77DX ( I sold them all at Jim's death).
Jim would actually go around to the operating positions and change the 77
amps from the "high" that the ops pushed to "low" to stay within the FCC

  Saul  K2XA.

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