[CQ-Contest] Very basic question on 80M for upcoming CQWW SSB

john at kk9a.com john at kk9a.com
Thu Oct 20 07:08:36 EDT 2016

That seems like very little usable bandwidth for a dipole. Usually I
attempt to center mine around 3.72 Mhz.

John KK9A - P40A in CQWW Phone

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Subject:	[CQ-Contest] Very basic question on 80M for upcoming CQWW SSB
From:	<lstoskopf at cox.net>
Date:	Wed, 19 Oct 2016 0:56:02 -0400

I was licensed in 1953,easily  have DXCC on each band above 80M, but have
made a DX QSO on 75M SSB.  So want to play in the upcoming contest.  Looks
a dipole will get me about 80 KHz of usable SWR without running out to the
antenna to retune in the middle of the night.  So where do I want to be to be
able to work EU, VK, JA, etc, simplex and not be in the big boy's domain?  My
station is typically better than the operator!  Sorry for the newbie
Thanks,  N0UU

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