[CQ-Contest] VY1AAA for SS CW and CQWW SSB

Gerry Hull gerry at yccc.org
Mon Oct 24 14:04:45 EDT 2016

Hey fellow Contesters,

It may be a good year for a sweep in SS CW this year.  After a ton of
delays and hard work by J, VY1JA, there is now a 4L Quad at 70 feet for
20-6 meters.  This past weekend, while not in a contest, I put about 1200
QSOs in the log...all 20 meters, mostly Europe and Asia.   We finally got
some new Gigavac relays for the Alpha 9500, and it seems to be perking
nicely.  Sigs into the Northest US were reported at 20/9.    Let's pray the
aurora holds off.

J has completed one element of phased 40m ground planes.  That will at
least be available, and hopefully two elements.  If the weather holds this
weekend, one of two V beams will be put up...So hopefully we will have a
big sig on.

Though I'll be at another M/S in New England, I'll have the remote setup
with me, and we are going to put some effort into putting the station on
for CQWW SSB to give out the Zone 1 mult.

CU in SS if not before!


Gerry, W1VE / VE1RM
for the VY1AAA team

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