[CQ-Contest] Contest preferred segments in WAE

Ryan Noguchi ai6do at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 10 11:38:07 EDT 2016

>No operation to take place on" is ambiguous -- it attempts >to clarify, but it still lacks the word "shall."
>73, Jim K9YC

The word "shall" is not always necessary to clearly articulate the intent. If the rule is rewritten to "Operation in the following segments is prohibited" I'd argue that the intended meaning is clearly conveyed. 
However, be aware that the rule only really penalizes smaller stations by limiting their ability to find a clear frequency to call CQ. Bigger stations can always muscle their way into the permitted segments. Rules are intended to drive behavior, but be sure to understand all of the potential implications, lest the cure become worse than the disease. 

73, Ryan AI6DO

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