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"To hell with the future, we live in the past."
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If  ever there was a group of operators who should be
classified separately, it  is remote operators.

Why?  Because the facts are that  -

1.  Those operators are at all times communicating over  the

2.  Without the internet,  there would be no communications
whatsoever with  operators who are not on the internet.

They are not radio amateurs,  they are hybrid-communications

Mike asks - Is there  supposed to be some sort of "shame"
attached to operating  remotely?

The answer is "Yes, because you're on the  internet".

Paul EI5DI

ps - From David Hare - The  Guardian, September 3 2106

"In an internet age it is, at first  glance, democratic to
say that everyone is entitled to their own  opinion. That
is surely true. It is however a fatal step to then  claim
that all opinions are equal. Some opinions are backed  by
fact. Others are not. And those that are not backed by
fact are worth considerably less than those that  are."

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