[CQ-Contest] New Contesting Classification

Richard Ferch ve3iay at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 15:57:12 EDT 2016

Seems clear to me. If the transmitter, receiver and antennas are in
Virginia, other stations in Virginia are your direct competition (the ones
who have similar propagation paths to the ones you experience). Your score
should be compared with theirs. In most contests it would be unfair to
compare your score, obtained using a station located in Virginia, with the
scores obtained by stations where the radio equipment is located in Kansas.
The fact that you are sitting on a chair in Kansas, or Alaska, or Hawaii,
is or should be irrelevant for purposes of comparing scores, it's the
location of the radio equipment that matters.

Rich VE3KI

N0OST wrote:

I don't know much about remote contesting, so if I am sitting in Kansas and
operating a station in Virginia where is my score posted with the folks in
VA or KS. ?

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