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At least one US Native American Indian Nation has been tried:

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The 1st major difference is that D1 is located in an area that by my
understanding is now controlled by Russia and not Ukraine but contested by
Ukraine.  Z6 is inside Serbia and Serbia has allowed the results of their
elections to be.  Z6 is contested yet in a way supported by Serbia.  D1
appears to be supported by Russia and the Crimea area that is highly
contested by Russian and Ukraine.

D1, Crimea, Kosovo are all political situation so there is no way to leave
the politics out of it.

Z6 is part of the IARU at this point from what I can research. Has D1
applied to be part of the IARU?  If so then maybe they will be included?

If I renounce being a part of the State of Colorado can I be my own country
too? What does it take to be recognized as a "real" country.  
Not much since a pile of rocks in the middle of the ocean that are above the
water most of the time are somehow a country........

I am surprised that the Indian Reservations have not picked up on this and
ran with it.  Just think of all the new countries we could have in NA~!


On 9/14/2016 11:27 AM, Bosko Milankov wrote:
> Please explane me, and many others in the word, difference between D1 
> and Z6 status, taking into consideration ITU regulations, without any 
> political explanations.
> Thank you in advance.
> Bosko  YU3A
> On 13.9.2016 21:38, W0MU Mike Fatchett wrote:
>> So how do we decide what callsigns are good and what are not?  We 
>> have master lists to keep people from playing games with the clusters 
>> and RBN network.
>> I believe by posting your reply that you made it more of a political 
>> post than the prior posts.  If you do some research you will see 
>> there are two sides to every story.
>> According to my sources these two areas are supported by Russia.
>> Politics have always been part of radio.  That cat was let out of the 
>> bag long before I was born.
>> If we can verify that these callsigns are real hams and have some 
>> sort of legal basis to operate I would allow them.  My guess is that 
>> they are using that callsign without any ITU coordination which makes 
>> them a bit suspect in my eyes.
>> W0MU
>> On 9/13/2016 12:38 PM, Mats Strandberg wrote:
>>> Lugansk and Donetsk
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