[CQ-Contest] Time saver

kr2q at optimum.net kr2q at optimum.net
Mon Sep 26 13:31:19 EDT 2016

Huh...never thought about some of this.

I got on to give out points (I made 357 Qs, all hunt and pounce - no assistance).  
I don't have a real RY setup, except for my what comes in my K3.

I use my paddle to send RY.  Sure, I sent some "cut numbers" because it was "faster" for ME
to send as opposed to all those dashes.  <grin>

Also, I was also wondering why the calls are sent "so many times" for each QSO, but after
I made some Qs, I realized that if I had "doubled" while the guy I wanted to work had already
come back to someone (including me!), I had no way to know who he came back to unless
he sent the call of the guy he had responded to at the end of this transmission.  I made a number
of Qs where I had "doubled" (sending my call again when "he" didn't come back fast enough) only
to find out that he had come back to ME...but not quickly.  So then I gave an exchange which he
confirmed (TU, QSL, CFM, etc).  I think it worked really well and was very appreciative of the "extra"
sending of my call.

Hey, RY just isn't as fast as CW..I mean, there really isn't an full break-in, right?  Doubling is easy.

Hope those 357 guys were happier with another Q as opposed to my "stupid" (slower) technique 
using the K3 and paddle to generate RY.

de Doug KR2Q

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