[CQ-Contest] Time saver

Tom Osborne w7why at frontier.com
Mon Sep 26 15:27:35 EDT 2016

Hi Doug

This happens more and more with SO2R op's.

You answer their CQ while they are working someone else on the other radio.

Then just as you call them again, they come back to you.  I see that more
and more now with op's that are doing SO2R and are not very good at it.  73

On Mon, Sep 26, 2016 at 10:31 AM, <kr2q at optimum.net> wrote:

> Also, I was also wondering why the calls are sent "so many times" for each
> QSO, but after
> I made some Qs, I realized that if I had "doubled" while the guy I wanted
> to work had already
> come back to someone (including me!), I had no way to know who he came
> back to unless
> he sent the call of the guy he had responded to at the end of this
> transmission.  I made a number
> of Qs where I had "doubled" (sending my call again when "he" didn't come
> back fast enough) only
> to find out that he had come back to ME...but not quickly.  So then I gave
> an exchange which he
> confirmed (TU, QSL, CFM, etc).  I think it worked really well and was very
> appreciative of the "extra"
> sending of my call.

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