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Disclaimer: I’m not a sponsor, and I don’t play one on TV.

But my opinion stands.

“You log what was sent”

The “04 04 CA CA” example is obvious to us, because we all “know” that CA is in Zone 3.  I’d agree that we should challenge the exchange, maybe send “03 ?? 03 ??”.  But in the end we should accept what is sent. 

 It is not up to us to “know” what Zone another station is in.

To clarify my point, how many of us (other than K4VUD) “know” off the top of our head the correct Zone for HS0ZCW?

If Charly sends me “599 28” in CQWW, that’s what I’m going to log, without challenge.  I’ve worked so few HS0 stations, that their Zone has not become “known” to me, therefore I will routinely accept what is sent.  Similarly, the exact  boundaries between 14/15 are not hardwired into my head, so I would likely accept either one in the heat of battle from a central EU station.

It is not up to me to “know” the Zone map; I have to trust what is sent to me as an accurate exchange.  If I copy what was sent, then it is a good Q as far as scoring my log is concerned.

73, de Hans, KØHB
"Just a boy and his radio"™

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