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Wigi, KL0R wigi at kl0r.com
Tue Sep 27 13:57:36 EDT 2016

The rule I use is ALWAYS log what they send. In cases where the software is
GUESSING based on the prefix, that is very dangerous, particularly in the
US, since there is no restriction as to what number you use in your vanity
call... or a requirement to change calls when you move... so there is no way
to authoritatively guess based on the prefix in the US. If the software is
taking information from the SCP database, it could be better, since that
information is ostensibly taken from logs... but that doesn't mean that
someone hasn't moved since the last time they appeared in a log that went
into the SCP database.

If someone is making a lot of Qs sending the wrong exchange, it will appear
in multiple logs as wrong... so if you "fix" it, I think you're more likely
to get dinged. 

One wouldn't guess on a serial number... don't guess on a zone. If I'm not
sure, I ask for a fill.

Wigi, KL0R (just because I have a zero in my call doesn't mean I am in zone
4... 59901)

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I would like to know what the WW committee thinks about your statement? 
For example, one W6 station last weekend sent me 04 04 CA CA which printed
clearly on multiple decoders. This is not physically possible!  What about
the station that sends 001 OH? Logging an obviously incorrect zone does not
seem like the right thing to do and it can lead an incorrect zone multiplier

John KK9A - W4AAA

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On another online venue a fellow held the opinion that when someone sends an
inaccurate element of the contest exchange (ie., the wrong Zone for his
location in CQWW), that a contest operator should record the correct Zone,
NOT the Zone that was sent to him.

I certainly would query the sender.  For example, if a station in Iowa sent
Zone “7” in CQWW (his IARU zone) instead of Zone “4” (his CQ Zone), but if
he confirmed Zone 7, then I feel that I am obligated to log what he sent.

After all, isn’t contesting all about our skill at accurately copying and
precisely logging  what was sent to us?

If that isn’t true, then why not just exchange callsigns and let our
computers fill in the blanks?

“What year was I licensed in?  Damn, I forgot again.  I’ll make up a number
and you never mind what I sent, just let N1MM  fill in the blank.”

73, de Hans, KØHB
"Just a boy and his radio"™

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