[CQ-Contest] Log what was sent

Joe Fischer w8jpf at fischerhome.org
Thu Sep 29 13:44:34 EDT 2016

I took a tour through the rules of the CQ WW DX Contest and the associated FAQ...

IX.10.  Call signs logged must be the same as those exchanged over the air by the entrants during the QSO.

X.1.  The log MUST show the following for each contact: correct date and time in UTC, frequency (or band), call sign of the station worked, exchange sent, and exchange received.

** From these two, seems pretty clear to me that I should log what the other op sent to me.  Not my job to interpret or edit or correct what s/he sent. **

Q: A station sends me "cut numbers" on CW. What should I enter in the log?

The log checking software is expecting to see a log with sent and received zone numbers.

** In other words, if my logger doesn't convert T5 to 05 (which it, in fact, does), then I should do so.  However, I should not convert T3 to 04 because that's where I think he really is. **

Q: I work a station and they do not know their CQ zone or they give me a serial number, what should I put in the log?

Log the zone based on their location.

** I would try to verify where they are then enter the zone number for that location. **

Based on my readings, it is quite clear: LOG WHAT THE OTHER OP SENDS!


TU es 73 de Joe, W8JPF



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Like David said, CQWW says you should log the correct zone based on the 

location, not what was send. Same thing with cut numbers used for CQ zone 



This contradicts with the "log what was send" rule but it actually seems 

fairly logical. If the other station doesn't submit his log, the logchecker 

can not possibly know what was actually send but it does know what the 

correct zone number should be based on the location of the station. 

As others have asked, what happens when the other op does submit his log 

with the wrong number? Then the log checker does know what was send over 

the air. 


As I read the rules and the FAQ section on the CQWW website, the rule 

is pretty clear. Log the correct number based on the location, no matter 

what was actually send over the air. 

This should cover the majority of the mistakes except for a few NA or 

Russian stations where their callsign puts them is a different location 

then they actually are. That said, with stations from NA and Russia, one 

can expect such deviations. 


73, Maarten PD2 

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