[CQ-Contest] Log what was sent

Christian Schneider prickler.schneider at t-online.de
Wed Sep 28 11:13:30 EDT 2016

very difficult matter ;-)
The pattern of a station not submitting a log can be traced fairly well 
by extracting all loglines with this call from the database of submitted 
logs (tracelog or similarly named) which contains up to 90 percent of 
all contacts. Such patterns often increase the number of grey hairs of 
log checkers as they vary from "consistently wrong sent exchange" to 
"completely erractic sent exchanges". Imagine e.g. someone learning his 
error after some dozen contacts and from that time on sending the 
correct exchange...
Every sponsor has to develop its workflow for such cases. You cannot 
extinguish difficult cases as long as we still want the activity of 
casuals (or only score QSOs having the other log submitted - which seems 
unfair, too).

And only few contests allow for strictly stating "log what is expected 
by the database regardless what was sent in reality". That does not work 
with serials and most other exchanges.

SDR recordings help additionally - but at the price of nearly infinite 
time to invest. So, to the chagrin of the "check faster, present results 
immediately" crowd some amount of human referee time seems reasonable to 
reach fair solutions (including "in case of doubt...") for the very very 
different instances of stations with strange exchanges - be it for 
working in two contests simultaneously or simply operating in 
"smurf"-style (shameless ad: a short overview about this zoo and what 
can be done with SDR recordings in this short presentation from DARC's 
Contest University 2016 

73, Chris DL8MBS (WAG 

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