[CQ-Contest] Contesting 101 - Copy the exchange, don't assume pre-fills are correct

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Barry I have not been in CT since 1987, 5-6 guys each year have that as my
state.  Others still have ENY or even SC along the way.  I have been back in
NTX/TX since 2000.  It's obvious they have very only check files (LCR) and
don't know that they have to update them.  I ignore what the LCR shows and
go with what I hear.

Jim The "1" in Texas...

Jim, N1CC
Contesting and DX

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In recent years, after reviewing my ARRL DX contest LCRs, I note that 1-5%
of stations worked lose a QSO because they "copy" the wrong state 
for me.   They incorrectly enter PA, where I used to live and operate 
for many years, but have not operated from there in 10 years.  Where they
get that info is baffling.  Old log history files?  An old CTY file that had
me listed as an exception in PA, as I have a 2-call?

This year will be even more interesting to see the LCR.  This year, I will
be operating from VA.  Not my old QTH, PA, and not my current QTH of almost
10 years, CO.  Please copy what is sent!

Barry W2UP (from VA in the contest)

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