[CQ-Contest] K4VX - SK

Dick Frey k4xu at bendcable.com
Mon Feb 27 18:26:56 EST 2017

I met Lew for the first time in summer of 1988 when I moved to Quincy, 
IL across the river from Hannibal. He invited me to play in the CW WPX. 
It was my first time in a MM and, not knowing me at all, he put me on 
10m. We had a great opening to JA and Lew's "elephant gun" played great. 
I did three back-to-back >150/hrs, all on paper, which was sent by the 
page upstairs where Lew laboriously typed it into his computer and sent 
back a bigger dupe sheet. Must have passed the test because the next 
time there I got to play on 20m.

It was an education every time I went. Operating procedures, tactics, 
antenna theory ...the works. His wife Terry was a great cook, a ham too, 
and she took great pleasure in feeding the crew. And the crew was 
eclectic. It was a chance to meet and train with some new talent - W4AN, 
N5TJ, NN1N, and some old timers - K9FD, K9BGL, K5OT, K0CA, K5GO, N9JF 
and others lost in my increasingly unreliable gray EPROM.

Lew's energy and devotion to the hobby are legend. We all are poorer for 
his passing.
RIP Lew.

Dick Frey, K4XU

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