[CQ-Contest] cq self spot

Ed Sawyer sawyered at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 28 06:17:04 EST 2017

There is confusion on what people mean when they say "spot".


1)      I am looking at DX Summit and I don't see myself spotted.  Reason,
RBN is not directly tied into DX Summit.  W3LPL is a robot with filters that
picks up RBN "spots" and re-spots them on DX Summit.  But only does so on
certain DXCC countries.  Not sure which.

2)      I am looking at a cluster node and immediately see myself spotted.
That's because the cluster node is getting direct feeds from the RBN.


Why isn't DX Summit directly getting RBN spots?  No idea.


I hope this settles the confusion.




Ed  N1UR

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