[CQ-Contest] Why am I seldom spotted automatically?

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Tue Feb 28 14:59:43 EST 2017

Hi Charly, 

What call signs have yoiu used during recent contests and what were 
the dates and time spans (start and stop times) when you were active? 

With that information its easy to search the DX spotting databases 
for your activity 


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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Why am I seldom spotted automatically? 

I am one of those hams with a dim understanding of the whole spotting 
system. I RD ABT RBN, N HV SMALL UNDSTN IT, due to extensive undefined 
abbreviations, etc. 

All I want to know is why am I so seldom spotted ? 

I ask in all modes and bands, in contests and between contests. 

​Can I find the data that tells me how often I am spotted? Maybe I am 
misjudging the situation. For me nr Bangkok, seems the ideal would a 
receiver in Hong Kong and in Dhaka or Kolkata or Kathmandu which are near 
me* and in the direction of my two major beaming directions. Are there any 
spotting receivers there?​ 

​*that is within one hop and where I should be loudest. 

Thanks any answers. 73​ 

Charly, HS0ZCW 

​PS, I don't know if E28AC has ever spotted me.​ 
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