[CQ-Contest] Why am I seldom spotted automatically?

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Hi Charly, 

Is it possible that you're not being spotted because you're not very 

I have 218 Thailand CW QSOs in my log since 1991 but only four 
(four!) with HS0ZCW... 


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I am one of those hams with a dim understanding of the whole spotting 
system. I RD ABT RBN, N HV SMALL UNDSTN IT, due to extensive undefined 
abbreviations, etc. 

All I want to know is why am I so seldom spotted ? 

I ask in all modes and bands, in contests and between contests. 

​Can I find the data that tells me how often I am spotted? Maybe I am 
misjudging the situation. For me nr Bangkok, seems the ideal would a 
receiver in Hong Kong and in Dhaka or Kolkata or Kathmandu which are near 
me* and in the direction of my two major beaming directions. Are there any 
spotting receivers there?​ 

​*that is within one hop and where I should be loudest. 

Thanks any answers. 73​ 

Charly, HS0ZCW 

​PS, I don't know if E28AC has ever spotted me.​ 
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