[CQ-Contest] QSLing.

Jim Brown k9yc at audiosystemsgroup.com
Sun Jan 1 13:54:21 EST 2017

On Sat,12/31/2016 3:40 PM, Ted Melinosky wrote:
> Yes, I can confirm that the USA County Award (USA-CA), sponsored by CQ 
> Magazine has an agreement to use E-QSL data. I've issued over 100 of 
> the awards in the past few years. 

Thanks Ted. Last I looked at the website, no mention was made of that. I 
also support eQSL with my home call, but not for county expeditions.

W6OAT and NI6T got me interested in the CQ Field award. The submission 
method of eQSL was to print the screen of the confirmation and submit 
that to the checker. I asked if that could be done with LOTW and he said 
yes. As a result, I was able to apply for honor roll (175 fields) with a 
combination of cards I already had, LOTW, eQSL, and perhaps a dozen or 
so cards that I had to ask for. The coordinator for that award also set 
up Rusty as a card checker, so I was able to drive an hour to give him 
the stack of cards and printed sheets.

73, Jim K9YC

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