[CQ-Contest] Call sign history

Glenn Wyant va3dx at sympatico.ca
Sun Jan 8 17:28:23 EST 2017

November 1993

A rumour is floating around that Industry Canada is considering
opening up the VA prefix block for amateurs.

I decided to send a letter of request to the Hamilton office.
The information indicated they would issue callsigns to match your
two initials. I did NOT want " GW ". so I mentioned that the remote chance
of anyone with an " X " initial would apply. I specifically
requested VA3DX.

One month later , on December 13, 1993 I received out of the
blue, my new call license in the mail.

As Paul Harvey would say " and thats the rest of the story ."

Glenn VA3DX 1993    VE3ICR ( 1976 )

Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Call sign history

> That's correct, 10 years. That's when I changed from VE3 to VA3 (there 
> were no VE3 2 letters suffix left at the time), and dropped the third 
> initial of my name.
> 73 de Vince, VA3VF
> On 2017-01-08 11:53 AM, Mike Smith VE9AA wrote:
>> In Canada, to the best of my memory, you had to be licensed 10 years 
>> before
>> applying for a 2 letter call.  I went to 2 letters just a little bit 
>> after
>> 10 yrs, but got one with lots of dahs, not unlike my original call. you 
>> had

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