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Yet another system of "two letter" callsign assignments went into 
affect in November 1967 as a part of the amendment of FCC 
rules to implement Incentive Licensing. 

Amateur Extra licensees could request assignment of a one letter 
prefix (W or K only) and two letter suffix callsign if they had been 
licensed by the U.S. Government at 25 years prior to the date of their 
application. They could not request a specific callsign. 

Approximately 8000 unassigned "two letter" callsigns were 
available for assignment in 1967. 


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For the record, the 1976-1977 “gate” system of 1x2 callsigns for Extra Class licensees was adopted by the FCC pursuant to Docket #20092, and is described in detail in the “Washington Mailbox” column on p. 51 of June, 1976 QST (probably other QST appearances as well). My own Extra license dates to March, 1970, so I was in the third gate, and I got my second pick. Although some K2 calls in the 1x2 format had been issued a few decades earlier, they would have all (or almost all) been sequential and near the front of the alphabet, so I’m pretty sure I’m the only person ever to hold K2WR. 

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