[CQ-Contest] DC in NAQP, WHY?

K6UFO Mark Aaker k6ufo at arrl.net
Tue Jan 10 14:29:15 EST 2017

Hello Oli, 
I can only speak as one part of the NCJ "team" of Contest Managers, Editors, 
and support people, some of who are listed on the "Contact NCJ" page, and 
some who work behind the scenes. http://ncjweb.com/contact-ncj/ 

The addition of DC as a Multiplier was under discussion for at least five years. We 
recognized the issues of fairness, consistency, impact on the contest, impact on records, 
etc. The active operators living in DC made numerous requests with good reasons why 
they are residents of DC and not Maryland, and in a QSO "PARTY" it was proper for them 
to be identifying with their true location, not merged. It was also considered that for most 
contest participants, adding a DC Multiplier will increase activity and the "fun factor" as we 
get through a low part of the solar cycle. 

With the declining solar cycle, adding DC is unlikely to affect the records for several years. 
Through a solar cycle, and between the winter and summer contests, sometimes the West 
Coast may have the benefit of adding DC on the high bands, and sometimes the East Coast 
may have the benefit on the low bands. It is likely to be similar to when an additional 
North American DXCC country from the Caribbean  gets active for the contest. 

I hope you will participate in the NAQP contests, and let us know your results. We run the 
contests for the benefit of the participants! 

Mark Aaker K6UFO 
NAQP RTTY Contest Manager 
k6ufo at arrl dot net

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