[CQ-Contest] DC in NAQP, WHY?

Ed Muns ed at w0yk.com
Fri Jan 13 16:43:24 EST 2017

DC was well-represented in RTTY RU as it quite often is in all contests.
>From the P49X log for 2017 RTTY RU:

 W3DQ: 3 bands
NN3RP: 1 band
4U1WB: 1 band


Jim K9YC wrote:

Only one of which managed to get on the air in RTTY RU.

73, Jim K9YC

On Tue,1/10/2017 11:10 AM, Richard F DiDonna NN3W wrote:
> Lets see....
> W3DQ
> KE3X
> 4U1WB
> To name a few...
> 73 Rich NN3W
> On 1/10/2017 1:25 PM, Jim Brown wrote:
>> I have exactly the same question. Modern cities are a terrible place 
>> to try to do ham radio. I don't know of a single contest station 
>> within the city of San Francisco; AB9H and WO9S operate one of two 
>> contests from the city of Chicago. I lived and operated from a mixed 
>> residential/industrial neighborhood in Chicago, and my station was 
>> more modest than that of W3DQ. DC was a multiplier in RTTY RU, and it 
>> appears that W3DQ was the only DC station on the air.
>> 73, Jim K9YC

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