[CQ-Contest] Contest rankings depend on the will of those who want to hurt you

Alessandro Gromme 5b4alx at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 13:17:00 EST 2017

the fact that there is a precedent, and certainly there are lots more of
one, is a clear sign that the autospot rule can cause more damage and
injustices that serious controls.
99% of people accused of Autospot will be disqualified on the basis of
alleged offenses, hardly, especially those who are innocent, you will see
recognized his case as has already happened to me last year for the 2015
but this time the fact is really absurd, we talk about three spots clearly
not made by me or at my request, with visible IP, including one since I
left (the one on the band of 10m) I had pretty much already moved 15m ,
what was the risk that again in a disqualification for three spots compared
with 1700 QSOs in all-qrp and close to ALL TIME RECORD!?

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