[CQ-Contest] Bogus spots and bogus spotters

Yuri ve3dz at rigexpert.net
Fri Jan 27 12:12:22 EST 2017

Unfortunately nowadays just about anybody can use your (or somebody else's) call to spot whatever they want. Just imagine what can be done, if they don't like you... And if they smart enough, they'll never get caught and punished.
It's like someone is spitting in your face from the passing speedy train... You can't do much about it.
That's why we often see comments on a DX Cluster, something like "It's not me!.." or "Someone is using my call to spot this sh**!.." ... 
Same with DQRM on DX frequencies, when someone else's calls are being used...
I personally investigated one case few years ago, when someone spotted my call (I operated from DX location) changing just one letter, i.e. something like 7P3A, 8P4A instead of 8P3A... of course using different bogus spotter calls, creating huge "dupe" pile-ups of some id..., pardon me, "less experienced" operators who just "point and click" without listening to the call. 
Not going to tell you the whole story, but with the great help of Lee VE7CC and few friends in W7-land we found a guy - he appeared to be a well-known Contester from the West Coast U.S.A. and under the pressure of the evidence he had no choice but to admit his wrongdoing. He apologized and I promised to never reveal his call, but the point is it can be determined in some cases... But not always.
In my opinion, these days DX Clusters, RBN's, chat rooms and remote receivers - are the killers of real HAM Radio along with urban noises and residential restrictions.

Yuri  VE3DZ

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20 years ago, I had problems with a guy around my place, that always found me on QRGs and made QRM over me.

This guy could repeat your bad behavior today, going to DXCluster and using my call, just to make me bad to the Contest Community.

How can I prove that it isn't me?

Thanks God, I am an "average" operator, not usual in the "Top-5" in the World, any contest...


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