[CQ-Contest] Contest rankings depend on the will of those who want to hurt you

W0MU Mike Fatchett w0mu at w0mu.com
Fri Jan 27 18:00:34 EST 2017

It is easy enough to spoof IP addresses, it is done all the time in 
gaming where cheating is very common.

The issue at hand and this will never be solved is that anyone can use 
any callsign pretty much anytime they want on any cluster as there is 
no/very few password protections in place.

I would love to know how CQ or ARRL or any other body for that matter 
can tie an ip address directly to someone else without cooperation from 
their ISP, which I find unlikely that you would get without a search 
warrant, etc.

I find it incredible the amount of bad behavior people have in a hobby 
where we compete mostly for PDF pixel file certificates and a few wooden 

Back to the Cyprus issue in the past, it was pointed out that a certain 
station in a Youtube video was shown greatly exceeding the power limit 
for that country and absolutely nothing was done or said by any contest 
board that I am aware of.


On 1/27/2017 12:34 PM, Alessandro Gromme wrote:
> The problem, in my opinion, is not necessarily limited in cyprus.
> The fact that the spot used to accuse me of self-spotting have an IP due to
> the Cyprus CYTAnet network does not mean anything, anyone can find that IP
> from the internet and use it to mask their own.
> I think, simply, that a rule should exist if there is a surefire way to
> prove that someone has not respected but as long as the cluster will be
> accessible to anyone without asecure key and reliable authentication of the
> identity of those accessing, that rule it can be used by any committee to
> exclude from competing any stations
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