[CQ-Contest] Contest rankings depend on the will of those who want to hurt you

Alessandro Gromme 5b4alx at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 04:10:53 EST 2017

This morning I took a bit 'of time to do some investigation on the
accusations addressed to me

I first wrote an email to dxsummit asking verificae the three spots
indicted and provide me with reliable data, including IP addresses, those
three spots

then I went to look for those three spots on DX Summit and dxwatch, these
three spots were clearly inserted by DXsummit, so they and only they should
have the ip.
if that were true, then I want to go back even to the ip of the spots that
last year they disqualified me, I saw that the previous committee had said
it was not possible and they disqualified me on my alleged guilt without

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