[CQ-Contest] Contest rankings depend on the will of those who want to hurt you

5B4ALX - Alessandro 5b4alx at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 18:46:00 EST 2017

well, a few days ago I sent an email to dxsummit to ask the gods tre.spot IP for which I am accused of self-spotting, I never heard back ... who knows how will the committee to have them !?

Today I wrote an email to the committee of the CQ WW, the same people who accuse me of self-spotting end they sent me the warning of disqualification, to ask him why last year they said that IP was not available, and this year they use IP to disqualify me, also I asked where they got the IP of the three spots because, until now, I have not seen anything official that those three spots are truly start from the same IP as they claim

Also this message has gone the same way as that of dx summit .... NO ANSWER!!! 

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