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Jim -

Repeater rules do not apply for HF internet remote bases. There is a whole
section of Part 97 (97.205) that deals with repeaters.

Repeaters are a special subclass of automatically controlled stations and
thus have different rules when it comes to control.

Ria, N2RJ

On Thu, Jun 8, 2017 at 5:17 PM Jim Brown <k9yc at audiosystemsgroup.com> wrote:

> Peter,
> You have apparently read only a few select sections of the FCC Rules,
> and fail to understand their concept of a "control operator."  That
> concept is, for example, also the basis of repeater operation on the VHF
> and UHF bands. The "control operator" is the licensed person responsible
> for the proper (legal) operation the repeater, and except for rare
> periods of maintenance (repair), is NEVER present at the transmitter
> site, but is required to have a reliable method of preventing illegal
> (unauthorized) operation.
> This concept applies equally to ANY licensed station, whether operated
> remotely or by an operator who sits at the station. A ham remotely
> operating a station via the internet is NOT the "control operator" --
> he/she is simply operating that station via remote control under the
> supervision/monitoring of the "control operator."  The problem here is
> one of words and phrases that can (and here, DO) have multiple meanings
> depending how they are used. If, for example, the remote operator does
> something wrong, the "control operator," as defined by FCC Rules, must
> be capable of determining that is happening and stop the improper
> operation.
> Like many OT hams, I've worked at AM, FM, and TV broadcast stations,
> studied both Amateur and Broadcast FCC Rules since the late '50s, and
> understand these concepts. Until it was discontinued, I held a First
> Class Radiotelephone license, and since I was no longer working in
> broadcast, didn't bother to maintain the equivalent. There's still a
> very thick copy of several Parts of the FCC Rules on my bookshelf, and
> for years, I received regular updates. :)  The word "Parts" here means
> the large sections of the Rules, each with its own number, defining and
> applicable to various kinds of licenses and operation.
> 73, Jim K9YC
> On Thu,6/8/2017 3:40 AM, Peter Bowyer wrote:
> > "Operator privileges are those authorized by the alien's government,
> > but do not exceed those of the FCC Amateur Extra Class operator." is
> > quite clear - you get your home license privs as long as that doesn't
> > exceed Extra, otherwise you get Extra.
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