[CQ-Contest] It's time for an Assisted category in NAQP

N4ZR n4zr at comcast.net
Tue Aug 7 09:48:07 EDT 2018

Judging by the commentary recently on various reflectors (and my own 
experience last weekend), it is time for NAQP to institute an Assisted 
category, rather than lumping all one-transmitter assisted stations into 
Multi-2.  The M-2 class's band change rule makes zero sense for one 
transmitter assisted - I'll be losing credit for some QSOs because it 
never occurred to me that it would cover a single-transmitter competitor.

ARRL 160 CW and ARRL 10M contests got rid of this anachronism a few 
years ago - it's time for NAQP to follow suit.  I don't know who decides 
such things, but trust that Chris will know who needs to take action.


73, Pete N4ZR
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