[CQ-Contest] Summary of Software and Transceivers used by WRTC teams

Barry w2up at comcast.net
Tue Aug 7 17:58:23 EDT 2018

That's why it should be CW only.  So the ops can't be identified and the 
cheerleaders can't spot their team endlessly.

Barry W2UP

On 8/7/2018 9:57 AM, Jim Brown wrote:
> Looking only at top ten finishers fails to appreciate the importance 
> of operator experience with propagation from the operating region. 
> THAT'S a large part of why EU ops are so strongly represented at the top.
> There are other factors. A competitor friend (who placed in the top 
> third of the pack) told me yesterday that the top scoring team, from 
> Lithuania, had something like 250 unique LY QSOs in their log that 
> were not penalized, and that removing those Qs would have greatly 
> reduced their lead over second and third place. He said they also had 
> QSOs removed for exchange errors that were clearly copied and logged 
> correctly based on their recording.
> 73, Jim K9YC
> On 8/6/2018 4:43 AM, Bob Burns W9BU wrote:
>> Bob, I put together my own list, but only looked at the top 10 
>> finishers.
>> Among the top 10 finishers, there were 7 Yaesus, 6 Icoms, 4 
>> Elecrafts, and 3 Kenwoods.
>> Also, among the top 10 finishers, 6 of them used Wintest and 4 used 
>> N1MM Logger+.
>> One of my elmers points out that doing well in this event has a lot 
>> more to do with the skill of the operators than the tools they are 
>> using. He also points out that slight differences in propagation and 
>> the noise level at each site are also a factor.
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