[CQ-Contest] Yaesu rotor control question

John Geiger af5cc2 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 11 18:16:42 EDT 2018

I am sure many contesters are using Yaesu rotors, and some are probably
controlling them with a Yaesu rotor, or even remotely using the Yaesu PCC
radio control software, so hopefully someone on the list can answer this
question for me:

When controlling one of the Yaesu rotors, like the G800 or G1000 with a
Yaesu radio like the FT950 or FTDX3000, does the rotor need to have the
Yaesu GS-232 rotor computer interface with it, or can you run the SCU-27
cable straight from the control box to the radio without needing the GS-232

73 John AF5CC

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