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Re: an Assisted NAQP category:

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There's already an assisted  category.  Anyone who uses prefills from past NAQP's have been assisted by this feature of most logging software.What more do we need?I predict that in the near future we'll have a zero Op, one Transmitter, and even zero op, multi transmitter categories, with computers/robots doing all he copying, sending, receiving.Then we need not worry about assisted or non assisted. It will ALL be assisted while we sit back and drinque brown 807's and watch the computers battle it out. 
72/73 de n8xx 

The contest community should hire some underemployed lawyers to come up with a definition of Assistance.  

Some say it's spotting information (clusters, RBN, skimmers).  Others, like N8XX, say it's exchange information.  Still others say propagation info, panadapters, SDRs, code readers, computers, the Internet, loggers, SCP, country files, CW keyers, keyboard CW, voice keyers, SO2R, remote operation, a comfy chair, a tolerant spouse, clear skies, fair winds and following seas, and so on.

I'd add in transceivers and SSB.  Try a phone contest sometime on AM with separate TX and RX. Log and dupe with paper and pencil (and eraser).  Those were manly contests.

Air conditioning is nice, too, in the summer.

73 and may the band rise to meet you,
Ken, AB1J

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