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This is an interesting thread...

SO1R, SO1V, SO2R, 2BSIQ, SO2V and others...

Operating Unassisted...  They're just operating one or more modes/bands,
but never transmitting at the same time on two different freqs. The SO2X
ops are playing within the rules, but they are stretching their human
operating skills and abilities..

Operating Assisted....include those using 'tools' to help your performance
like "click to work" QSOs, clusters, RBN, internet and more. Using 'tools'
to help you identify/locate multipliers etc. These are typically provide
helpful information from non-on-air radio sources.

I've often felt as though using voice keyers and memory keyers (computer or
stand alone) even using a 'bug' may be considered operating assisted. In
most cw contests, I use a combination of memory keying and a paddle and I
log the contact while sending the next CQ or calling that new multiplier.
Using the memory keyer does same time and decreases fatigue. The
voice-keyer, has enabled many operators to work an entire weekend contest
and still be able to talk the following Monday. I recently had my first
experience using a voice keyer and it was a great help in saving the voice,
plus keeping the noise down in the shack.

73s Dave WN4AFP

On Thu, Aug 16, 2018 at 4:27 PM, Jeff Blaine <KeepWalking188 at ac0c.com>

> The 2BSIQ thing is more about improving rate by running 2 bands at once -
> the benefit is easier to realize in RTTY than on other bands.
> Contrast that to what I see as the value of "assisted" meaning spots from
> the cluster, etc, is that you can sift out the ones needed for mults.
> Separate issues.
> If you run unassisted, then you are really banking on the fact that you
> can get enough rate so that you either find the mults needed when S&P
> between runs - or that you run so many guys the majority of the mults come
> to you.
> 73/jeff/ac0c
> alpha-charlie-zero-charlie
> www.ac0c.com
> On 14-Aug-18 4:46 PM, Trent Sampson wrote:
>> Assisted is really not assisted - 2BSIQ Two Band Synchronised interleaved
>> QSOs have left the assisted operator in its dust...
>> It is really time to reconsider whether Assisted is truly an advantage
>> anymore and deserving of its own category...
>> Assisted by my definition is the sourcing of callsign, band and frequency
>> information from any source other than your radio system.
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>> Ken,
>> Is remembering a well-known callsign assisted?
>> Stan, K4SBZ
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