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Looks like a fair competition.  Both boys are doing the same thing, and each boy (or their SO) has made different choices regarding the equipment they can afford.

But they are doing the “same thing”, not competing with boys and girls doing different things.

73, de Hans, KØHB
"Just a boy and his radio"™

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Okay, let's look at "A Boy And His Radio + Tribander / Wires" category.

1) A boy with Flex 6600, KT36XA (tribander) and dipoles and/or Inv. L's at 80'

competes with:

2) A boy with Kenwood TS-830S, TA33jr at 40' and low dipoles.

Looks fair?

Same category.

I bet the TS-830 guy would cry about unfairness...

Have a great weekend, everyone.

73  Yuri  VE3DZ

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Hi Steve:

A boy and his radio category may be a good idea "tribander/wires anyone), but I still think we need to retain single operator categories which are played on the radio and without the internet and AI programs/robots. 


Mark, KD4D

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