[CQ-Contest] Router Recommendation?

Kyle Chavis wa4pgm at embarqmail.com
Thu Aug 23 15:51:13 EDT 2018

This filter works very well - 

Years back I used a K-COM noise filter that worked well. Not sure if 
they're made anymore.
73 Kyle, WA4PGM

On 8/23/2018 10:50 AM, K9MA wrote:
> Despite a ton of ferrite cores on all the cables, my router fails 
> every time I transmit on 160. I'll admit that RF levels are high, as 
> my shunt-fed tower is only about 20 meters away from the router, and 
> some of the ethernet cables come within about 10 meters of the tower. 
> Has anyone found a router that doesn't have this problem?
> 73,
> Scott K9MA

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