[CQ-Contest] Contesting Reality from W6/7 or limited stations

pca kt3y at aol.com
Tue Dec 4 10:32:25 EST 2018

My apologies is this is a repost. I have also made some
minor changes to the original submission.

> I do my best to copy ALL callers and appreciate our friends 
> out West participating even though they have no chance of winning. The same can be said for those with weaker signals 
> due to limited antenna systems, which actually is the majority 
> of stations.  Firstly, until I copy the call I don’t know if the
caller is possibly is a mult, . Even then, I want to maximize 

> To claim that the West Coast is not at a huge disadvantage in 
> the major contests (especially DX contests) ignores reality.  
> Yes, they may have a small advantage in a few of the smaller
> contests but even SS is often won by stations in the midwest 
> (SD,  NM etc),  KH6 or KP2/4.  Almost all of the top scores
> in the DX contests are from the East coast or zones 8/9/33
> unless the station is blessed with a huge antenna system. 
> If you have such exceptional  rx antennas that you can’t hear 
> the West Coast or weaker stations when beaming EU  perhaps 
> you should try rapidly switching or combining your antennas instead of ignoring lower point value callers. Your score will improve. 
> 73,
> Phil KT3Y (KP2M)

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